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Tupperware Warranty Program

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My name is Wendy Leal and I am a Director with Tupperware. Do you have broken Tupperware or do you need replacement parts for your Tupperware? I can help you! Please see below to learn more about the Tupperware warranty program and contact me with any questions that you have!

Tupperware Warranties

Tupperware offers 3 types of warranties:

Do You Need Tupperware Replacement Parts?

Have you lost a Tupperware seal? Did you loose a Tupperware bowl? If you have a Tupperware product that needs replaced that is NOT covered under the Tupperware Warranty I can help you! Please locate the small mold number on the item if you have it (see below).

If you do not have the piece because it is lost (like a bowl with a missing seal) then please locate the mold number on the corresponding piece and then contact me and I can let you know how much the replacement part will be if we still carry it!

Locating the Mold NumberHow To Find a Tupperware Mold Number

Every Tupperware product contains a tiny little mold number (I need readers or a magnifying glass to see them). It will be like a 123-4 number and may even contain a letter. The numbers prior to the dash are the mold numbers I will need to know to identify what piece you have. If you have trouble locating the mold number you may wish to run your fingers over the product to locate any raised lettering, that usually helps.

Would you like to add New Tupperware to your Warranty Order?

If you have a piece of Tupperware that needs to be replaced under the Tupperware warranty and you are also interested in ordering some other Tupperware products please visit my Tupperware website and see what Tupperware products we carry - the Tupperware Catalogs are available Online. Contact me and I will be able to add your Tupperware warranty products to your Tupperware order and you will not pay any extra shipping. You must keep your broken items for at least 30 days in case Tupperware asks you to send them in for verification. After that you may dispose of them.

If You do NOT want to Order any New Tupperware

If you would just like to get your broken Tupperware replaced and you are not interested in ordering anything from our Tupperware catalogs online then please contact Tupperware customer care and they will take care of your warranty order. They will NOT place a regular order for you, only warranty so if you see something in our current Tupperware Online Catalog please contact me to order so you do not have to pay shipping twice.

Please see the Tupperware warranty section online to learn more about the Tupperware warranty program.