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Host a Tupperware Online Party

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Host a Tupperware Online Party


Tupperware Online Parties offer you an exciting way to include friends and family in a Tupperware Party, without interfering with your busy schedule! You do not have to clean your house or even get out of your pajamas! Hosting an Online Tupperware party is a great way to earn free Tupperware and Tupperware products at 1/2 price!

There are 2 types of Tupperware Online Parties, please read below and choose the one that suits you best!

Tupperware Online Party

This option is not as good as a TupperConnect Party below as you do not get to earn free or 1/2 priced Tupperware products. Instead, when you host a Tupperware Online Party you have the chance to earn Free Tupperware Gift Certificates if your party reaches $200 or more.

Visit this link to learn more about the Tupperware Online Party and sign up if you choose this option! Once you register for this you will be given a special link that you can share with people by email, Facebook, etc.

(Be sure to read about the other option below as you can only have one or the other going at once.)

TupperConnect Online Parties

Hosting an Online TupperConnect online party is the BEST way to earn free and 1/2 priced Tupperware products. Once you fill out your information below I will set up your TupperConnect party for you and you will be emailed a link to set up your account and invite your friends and family. You can share this link through email, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When somoene places an order through your special link you will receive credit for your party sales and the products will be shipped immediately to the person ordering them. They do not have to wait until the party closes. TupperConnect parties must be closed within 45 days of the opening of the party or you will not receive credit for the online sales.

NOTE: When you host a TupperConnect party we have to submit at least $175 in sales that I manually add to your party in order to receive the host benefits. I will email you the current catalog and the current Tupperware sales brochure so you can collect orders that we can submit manually. Your guests are also welcome to call me to place their orders over the phone if they do not feel comfortable ordering online and these sales will go towards the $175 minimum.

Take a look at the Tupperware Host Benefits when you host a TupperConnect Party

Register your TupperConnect Party by filling out the form below.

TupperConnect Online Party Registration
I am looking forward to helping you earn Free Tupperware! Fill out the form below and I will set up your Online TupperConnect Party. Just like a Tupperware Home Party, you will be able to earn Free Tupperware Products and Half Priced Items along with Host Only Specials!
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